Welcome to the “Lessons” page—a candid exploration of the hurdles and setbacks as well as the triumphs that have shaped my journey. Here, I document not just the events that didn’t go as planned, but also the successes and the invaluable lessons these experiences have taught me.

Read them with me, not with a focus on disappointment or self-congratulation, but with an appreciation for the profound insights gained through adversity and achievement.

Looking for a Research Internship for Summer 2024

Failure #1: Sony AI

Failure #2: Research Internship at Apple

Failure #3: Research Internship at Microsoft

Failure #4: Genentech/Prescient Design Internship

Success #1: Research Internship at Megagon Labs (Declined)

Success #2: Research Internship at JP Morgan Chase (Accepted)

Paper Submissions

Failure #1: Paper rejected at AAAI 2024

Failure #2: Paper withdrawn from ICML 2024